Dark Age ¨Feudal Lords¨ booster display


Get a band of mercenaries together and go beat up someone else’s band of mercenaries.

You must first spend resource points to try and sway mercs to fight for you. You then arm them to the teeth and give them skills. Each character has a life value (how much damage it can take), a control value (used to recruit the person), a skill number (max amount of skills that can be played on the person), a weapon number (quantity of weapons that may be carried) and combat strings.

The combat is quite involved and owes more to miniature gaming than to card games. First you roll for ranged attacks and compare rolls to your DF string. Each roll that meets or exceeds a number of the string hits so it possible to score multiple hits with one combatant. The defender then gets to fire back in the same manner. After DF is resolved you go to Close Combat. Close combat is handled much the same way except you also have a blocking string so it is possible to block hits.

Special mention must be made of the stunning artwork on the cards.

This display contains 36 packs. Each pack contains 10 gaming cards from the limited edition of Dark Age: Feudal Lords.

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