Due to the use of stock images for most of our single card products, we make use of the following grading scale:


A mint card is an item in perfect condition. This means that in the front there are no visible scratches on the surface, and the surface is perfectly clean. For the back it means that the card looks like new.

Near mint:

A Near Mint card looks like it has never been played without sleeves. Small allowances can be made, but the card generally shows no wear. The border of a NM card can have small white spots, but they must be very few and very small. When the card is inspected under bright daylight, the surface must generally appear clean. It can have a few minor spots or very little scratches.


The card shows imperfections that makes not possible to grade it as near mint, usually in the back or the edges. Apart from minor scratches, the surface is mainly clean.


An Excellent card looks like it was used for a few games without sleeves. For Excellent cards it is almost always clearly visible upon first inspection that the card is not in perfect condition. However, although the damage is clearly visible it is only of minor severity. Excellent cards usually have a couple of white spots or little bends at the corners or around the border. The surface may have some visible damage as scratches.

Very Good:

Cards in Very Good condition usually show strong wear around the card, as visible white spots, scratches or small bends.


Cards in Good condition show some damage all around the card. The edges and corners have many white damage, the surface usually has scratches or small bends and the card usually has accumulated some dirt on its surface.

Light Play:

A Light Played card looks as if it has been used without sleeves for an extended period of time. Basically, a card in Light Played condition shows damage enough to consider it as an item to be used for playing.


A card in Poor condition is literally destroyed (scratches, bends or any other damage) and looks as bad as you can get a card through regular use without sleeves.

**Please note that sometimes the grading standards are mixed, which means for example:

  • A card in Near Mint condition apart from a bend in a corner is maybe considered as Good condition.
  • A card with the front in Mint condition but a scratch in the back side would be considered Great/Excellent.

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Of course, Trade & Accrue offers the free return service as long as there is clear proof that the requested product has been shipped incorrectly.

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